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The Spirit of Onicas

Onicas often paints large canvases in the outdoor environment. Read more about him in his About bio!

I truly enjoy Onicas’ artwork and appreciate the depth of his artistic talents. The original that I have the pleasure of having in my home is pictured here. Onicas blends the portrait imagery with the floral and semi-abstract background seamlessly and beautifully. The balance of composition with the positioning of faces, hair and color flow is in wonderful harmony and fresh. Onicas has orchestrated color composition and visual order to create a dynamic, yet intensely personal painting.
— Lisa L Johnson
Onicas’ artwork is truly inspiring. Each piece in the collection has an experience to share. Owning an original Onicas painting not only brightens my living room but is a great conversation starter. Guests at my house enjoy his abstract work and hidden imagery.
— Caroline Caldwell
My Onicas painting is full of energy and excitement. All of his paintings have so much to look at - within each abstractions is a little clue or figure that gives you a tiny glimpse into the mind of the artist. His work has been a great conversation starter with all my guests! Knowing that there is an artist and human out there like Onicas Gaddis fills me with joy and hope. Keep it up, Onicas!
— Shep Bryan
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“Watching this artist at work was a very inspiring experience. His divine approach and commitment to his craft is unlike anyone I’ve ever known. At first eyesight I thought his paintings were somewhat chaotic. But as I watched more closely the art truly exposed itself as something quite remarkable on the canvas. I found so many layers in one painting that I realized that one piece of Onica’s art was actually three dimensions, at least. Taking the time to really see his art was a puzzling experience as it seemed the painting came to life. Within one piece of art there are so many beautiful and breathtaking images that it keeps exposing itself over and over as something new and unique. His hand seems to be God’s tool, and he keeps creating divine and supernatural images that speaks to soul, heart and eye. This is an artist just awaiting massive discovery and huge success!”


“I want to encourage other collectors to look at Onicas’s art as I believe he has the potential to become one of the more important contemporary black artists in America. His work is both complex and original.”

-Christopher Goodfellow-